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Posted on 23rd June, 2017 in News |

U11 hurlers in 2017 Camaint

Our u11 hurlers will be taking part in the 2017 Camaint starting next Tuesday. This is the first time the club has been involved in the competition and we would like to wish the lads, Tom and mentors the best of luck over the summer. The rules for the competition are as follows

1. For the 1st & 3rd Quarters ( 2-7 below apply) , 3rd & 4th Quarters Go Games Rules
2. No lifting or jab of ball allowed.
3. No deliberate kicking or stopping of ball with leg allowed.
4. Puck-out to be taken as a free by the goalkeeper-if one of the backs takes the puck-out, they must strike it off the ground.
5. All frees to be taken as ‘cut’ directly in front of goal.
6. All 65’s to be taken at 30 meter ‘cut’ directly in front of goal.
7. Within the small square the goalkeeper can play according to the normal rules of hurling. Outside the small square, however, they may not solo, jab lift or roll lift the ball.
8. Teams of 11-a-side, unlimited panels. 1 Goalkeeper, 4 backs, 2 midfielders, 4 forwards.
9. Unlimited substitutions with the referees consent from the centre of the pitch.
10. Duration of match
– 10 minutes per half with five minute interval.

1st Quarter – Ground Hurling : rules as per above
2nd Quarter – U11 / U12 Go Game Rules apply
3rd Quarter – Ground Hurling : rules as per above
4th Quarter – U11 / U12 Go Game Rules apply
11. Maximum length of pitch 100m.