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Posted on 19th January, 2019 in News |

Gaelic 4 Dads & Lads

We are looking to start a fun and social football team for the non playing males in the club. It will be a minimal contact form of gaa with no shouldering etc allowed. Rules will be based on go games with one solo and one hop being enforced. This is all about having a bit of craic and not taking it too seriously while getting a little bit fitter at the same time. The benefits to our health is a no brainer.

Everyone is welcome from complete beginners to seasoned vets. At the moment we are just looking to see what sort of interest there is in participating in this. If you would like to join in or have any questions you can email colm @

This is purely for fun, there are other clubs doing this so games can be arranged if that is what we wish to do but initially it will all be about getting a bit fitter, keeping hold of your skills/learning new ones, meeting new people in the club/community.