match2_sketchIt was cold-ish end of April Saturday morning as Gers U8s took to the pitch for a warm up. The parents at the sidelines could have done with a warm up too – with hail, winds and biting cold, followed by all-too rare appearances of the warming sun, it was very much like the proverbial Crowded House song, ‘four seasons in one day’.

After teams of the can-do U8s uncomplainingly moved the goalposts, looking very much like tiny ants stealing sandwiches from a picnic basket, the whistle blew and three simultaneous games got underway.

In their first match against St. Judes, the combined forces of Alec, Senan, JP, Ryan B, James O, Senan K and Joe held out well and defended bravely, but were overpowered by the St. Judes onslaught. Gers: 1, St. Judes: 12.

In their second, a different story unfolded for the Gers lads, with St. Judes being comprehensively beaten by a stunning goal from Senan and cheeky points from Alec, James O and Joe. Gers: 22, St. Judes: 12

Jack, Aidan Ryan H, James H, Sean, Beóán and Tadhg weren’t quite so fortunate in their first match, losing out to a strong St. Judes side. Gers: 10, St. Judes: 15

Their second match was a draw, with Ryan H scoring a lovely goal against a sleepy St. Judes defence. Gers: 1, St. Judes: 1

The Gers team of Finn, Daniel, Ryley, Sam, Cillian, Jack O, Patrick and Sean smashed St. Judes in their first match, with magnificent points from Jack, Ryley, Daniel and Patrick. The match however was marred by rough play from one of the St. Judes defenders, against whom Cillian stood his ground well. Gers: 18, St. Judes: 1

Their second match was a much better humoured affair, with goals from Sam and Finn and points from Finn, Daniel and Ryley. Gers: 14, St. Judes: 5

Despite the cold, the boys’ playing brought a ray of sunshine to the freezing parents, all of whom seemed to have mistakenly dressed in their spring wardrobe on this cold April morning. The Gers U8s attitude and fortitude in face of a tough opposition was exemplary. A great morning’s football which was also notable for Mary’s young son Adam (the teams’s mini-mascot) receiving his first pair of Gers shorts. I believe he’s still wearing them now.

Written by: Alan Nolan


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  • Mary
    at 22:55

    Great write up Alan and yes Adam kept those shorts on all day and would still have them on only they needed to be washed. Well done u8s