Dear parents,

First of all it’s great to be back after the summer lay off!

Your child is now playing gaelic football and/or hurling every week and with playing every week we’ll see them develop into fine GAA players. In order to run our teams we need volunteers to coach the children and help out with the running of the team. If we don’t have volunteers our team will not grow and ultimately the children will not progress.

The club has examined what is best practice as laid down by Croke Park so that we can replicate it for all our teams. While in the past one or two guys did everything, that is not good practice and each team needs a number of people to share the load evenly to ensure smooth running. Below is an outline of the team structure that all teams should follow as best you they can. All volunteers will get help from the club in order to fulfil their roles. A description of the roles is overleaf.

Getting involved

What we could ask is that you get in contact with your team manager or Darren Magee to discuss how you can help.The academy operates on a ratio of 5:1 this means you’ll need more coaches/parents helping out. Example 20 kids= 4 coaches and a team manager to run the session.

Structure (based on a group with one team)

  Team structure


Description of the Roles involved.

Club Games Development Officer

In terms of coaching, we will have support from Darren Magee who will always be there for guidance and planning but we need more help week to week.



The team manager is responsible for running the group and ensuring there are enough coaches and personnel in place to run every training session. They oversee the overall running of a team.


The coach is responsible for running the training and supporting the manager. They also help the manager plan out training and put a training plan together. All coaches must arrive 20mins before training to help set up.

Team administrator

This person is responsible for communications/texting, dealing with opposing teams, reporting results to county board, referees etc.

Child welfare

 A very important role to ensure issues can be escalated quickly and handled with discretion and speed. Sport can be a robust environment at times, and we want to ensure the children can handle the hussle and bussle involved in this team sport. We also want to ensure that if there are issues with a mentor, or a player/parent is unhappy, we have the structure both in the team and in the wider club, to handle it professionally and quickly. We all need boundaries, and as mentors and as a club we are all bound by codes of conduct /behaviour. This person will help us all remember that. There is club support for this role independent to the manager and coaches.

Academy moving venue

The academy will be moving to Loughlinestown leisure centre on the 11th of October from 10am-11am. The groups that will be moving to Loughlinestown are U5’s (2009), U6’s (2008) and U7’s (2007).

We ask all children to wear runners, as we’ll be using the astro pitches and the hall if it’s raining.

Hurls & Helmets

Over the last number of months we have been providing hurls and helmets for children. Starting from the 11th of October we’ll only be providing hurls and helmets to newcomers to see if they like hurling. The cost of buying a hurls is €10-€12 and €50 for a club helmet. To buy a helmet in the shops can cost you €65-€70. The helmet will last for years and will do your child for at least 4-5years depending on growth.

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