Congratulations to The Dubs on their convincing win in the All Ireland Semi-Final v Tir Eoghain.

Commiserations to Eugene Campbell and our other Tir Eoghain members – there is always next year, with or without Sean Cavanagh!

Tickets for the All Ireland Football Final are scarce and as a small (but growing) club we don’t get many.

However, all members* are entitled to apply for a ticket.  Ticket prices are yet to be confirmed (€80.00 Stand, €40.00 Hill last year) but there are no family/children/concession tickets available for finals.

While some tickets from our small allocation are required for Sponsors etc, the balance will be distributed between members.
Please note

  • Adult members are entitled to apply for one (1) Terrace ticket only. No adults will be considered for 2 tickets.
  • Juvenile members can apply for 2 Stand Tickets (Last year 2 x €80.00 = €160.00)
  • Family members can apply once only for (2) stand tickets – multiple applications will cause disqualification.
  • The Committee’s decision is final. If you have difficulty with this, apply for the Committee next year – we welcome new members at all times!

To be considered for tickets, please email your name and contact details to

*Members must be registered for 2017 and fully paid up to be eligible for consideration for a ticket. All applicants will be checked by Club Registrar before their name is added to the list of applicants.