• 28/03/2013
  • John McCabe
  • News

Today (Holy Thursday) The Gers were busy bag-packing to help raise funds for our club.

A big thank you is due to all those involved in the bag packing today: to the U 16 players (the star was surely Kevin who put in a mighty shift): to the mums and to Jane in particuar for organising: to Austie for providing securicor: and finally to the sisters of our young players who came to the fore: thank you all.  These activities help our club immensely so well done all, and thanks to all who donated some of their change!
A big Thanks also, on behalf of all the members to our Club Secretary Ted!

Bag Packing Ann MoffattAnne Moffatt not paying attention to her customers shopping!

.Bag Packing in Dunnes Holy Thursday in Dunnes

Bag Packing Catherine    Catherine McCabe at work!





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  • Bryan O'Connor
    at 22:03

    A fantastic turn out today – over 50 people bag-packed at some stage – fantastic to see the support from all the mums and sisters! Well done to Ted for both the idea and the execution!