Group 1

Our first game got off to a great start with an early goal coming from Daniel. As a team they worked hard with great defensive work at the back from Dara and Jamie, ably supported by the hard working trio of James O’Leary, James Sevile, and Eavan in midfield.

Up front Daniel and Aidan were always hungry for the ball, and worked tirelessly to create opportunitites. Unfortunately we did concede some scores late in the first half leaving us chasing the game up to the final whistle. For the second game we had Dara move up to attack alongside Daniel, with Aidan coming back to defense alongside Jamie. James Seville moved into goal, with Eavan and James continuing to marshal midfield.

The team again put in a great effort, with plenty of shots at goal. James O’Leary was rewarded for his running with a great goal. Our defense was good, with midfield tracking back to help out on several occasions and tackling their opponents to win back possession. Over the two games the team were competitive, putting into practice all of the skills that they have been working so hard on in training.

Well done to all involved.

Group 2

I decided that I would try and rotate the kids position wise as much as possible to make sure that all of the players got an equal opportunity to get in a position to show what they could all do. I knew that they could all defend attack and pass to each other so I was keenly aware so that everyone got a go at being in the thick of it.

The boys didn’t let me down. They were playing a team that was physically larger than them and skills wise were more advanced in some of the subtleties of the game. Oscar and Sami busied themselves in the middle of the pitch getting on the ball and disrupting their attempts at linking play. Both Conor’s, Aron and Rian & Luke took the game to Templegoue from defence to attack and there was only 1 goal and a point from Templogue to show for it. Luke and Jack and blocked everything and again Oscar and Sami had a few chances to even up the game. Conor Storey made one heroic save in nets that brought roars of encouragement from the crowd.

The second game was a much tighter affair with Geraldine’s to the fore especially in the middle of the park. Both Templeogue teams did not rotate players, preferring to occupy the same players in the same positions for the whole game. This made their team a little more organised, but Geraldines were by far the more energetic and stronger side. Templogue squeezed through two soft goals near the end, either side of a tremendous goal from Oscar Kenny that had the whole team jumping for joy, definitely the highlight of the team’s performance.

At the end of the game i made sure Conor Storey and Conor O’Reilly remembered the block downs they had secured. I made sure Jack Purcell remembered the brilliant and accurate quick kick outs from goal he did. I made sure that Sami Chorbachi remembered all the passes and shots he had taken.

Aron McCoy was reminded of his amazing link up and possession he played and how important he was to the team, Luke Redmond was reminded of all his tackles and Rian O’Neill was reminded of those clearing kicks he made from defence that allowed us to attack so well in the second game. Oscar Kenny did not need any reminding of the top corner goal he scored either!

All in all a great day out as all my team had a great time and got to show the great skills they are learning throughout both games.