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Fixtures and results

Saturday 8th September

Time Pitch Team 1 Score Team 2
4.15pm One Tyrone 10-5 Armagh
4.15pm Two Dublin 7-2 Cork
4.15pm Three Donegal 6-3 Mayo
4.35pm One Tyrone 0-9 Dublin
4.35pm Two Cork 2-4 Mayo
4.35pm Three Donegal 11-0 Armagh
4.55pm One Tyrone 3-0 Mayo
4.55pm Two Cork 2-7 Armagh
4.55pm Three Donegal 4-5 Dublin
5.15pm One Limerick 10-14 Cavan
5.15pm Two Antrim 0-15 Derry
5.15pm Three Monaghan 3.3-0.2 Kilkenny
5.15pm Four Waterford 1.6-2.3 Galway
5.15pm Five Clare 2.0-2.3 Fermanagh
5.35pm Three Monaghan 3.4-0.2 Waterford
5.35pm Four Galway 1.3-1.1 Fermanagh
5.35pm Five Clare 3.2-1.0 Kilkenny
5.40pm One Limerick 0-3 Antrim
5.40pm Two Derry 9-6 Cavan
5.55pm Three Monaghan 4.4-3.5 Fermanagh
5.55pm Four Galway 1.0-1.5 Kilkenny
5.55pm Five Clare 4.1-0.2 Waterford

Saturday 15th September

Time Pitch Team 1 Score Team 2
4pm One Cork 2-11 Donegal
4pm Two Armagh 2-6 Mayo
4.20pm One Dublin 3-0 Mayo
4.20pm Two Cork 2-9 Tyrone
4.40pm One Dublin 4-9 Armagh
4.40pm Two Tyrone 3-8 Donegal
5.05pm One Dublin 0 Group B Final Donegal 4
5.05pm Two Tyrone 5 Group B 3rd/4th Mayo 10
5.05pm Three Armagh 7 Group B 5/6th Cork 1
5.30pm One Antrim 4-8 Cavan
5.30pm Two Limerick 13-18 Derry
5.30pm Three Galway 3.1-4.1 Clare
5.30pm Four Kilkenny 2.3-3.6 Fermanagh
5.50pm Three Waterford 1.3-4.5 Fermanagh
5.50pm Four Galway 4.5-2.4 Monaghan
5.55pm One Derry 5 Group A Final Cavan 4
5.55pm Two Antrim 3 Group A 3rd/4th Limerick 3
6.10pm Three Waterford 3.4-2.2 Kilkenny
6.10pm Four Monaghan 3.2-1.1 Clare
6.35pm Three Monaghan 0.2 Group A Final Fermanagh 0.7
6.35pm Four Clare 3.0 Group A 3rd/4th Galway 5.2
6.35pm Five Waterford 1.2 Group A 5/6th Kilkenny 0.2

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