Mini All-Ireland Tournament Rules

All Games

 Players may carry the ball for 1 hop-1 solo
 Four Steps are allowed, between skills
 All kickouts, frees & 45’s to be taken from the hands,
 Players that are fouled must take the free from the hands
 Goalkeeper may advance 5m for a kick out
 The ball may be lifted off the ground for U6/U7 games but proper pickups for all other groups
 When a team plays the ball over its own end line, opponents are awarded a free from the hand from the 30m line directly opposite the goal
 No frees closer than 10m from the goal (no penalties)
 Side to side charge is permitted.


 U6/U7 & U8/U9 – 3 points over the bar and 1 point in the goal
 U10/U11 – 1 point over the bar and 3 points for a goal
U6/U7 – Games will restart after a score with a throw up in the middle of the field
U8/U9 & U10/U11 – Games will restart after a score with a kick out be the goalkeeper


 If there is a difference of 1 between teams – No substitutes
 If a difference of 2 – Play with 1 sub
 If a difference of 3 – Play with 2 sub
 If 4 or more (highly unlikely), points are awarded & teams are mixed for a game.

Number of games & duration

 Group A – U6/U7 will play 2 games of 9 mins a half with a 2 minute break (20 mins in total)
 Group B – U8/U9 will play 3 games of 7 mins a half with a 1 minute break (15 mins in total)
 Group C – U10/U11 will play 3 games of 7 mins a half with a 1 minute break (15 mins in total)

PLAYERS – what to do

 Meet your Team Manager at the Organisation Area 15 minutes before start time
 Wear your Mini All-Ireland T-shirt both afternoons
 Respect your team mates, your Team Manager and the Referee, their decision is final.

MANAGERS – what to do

 Wear your Gers Coach Top or Coach Bib for all matches
 Please wait at the Organisation Area to be assigned your Team
 Team sizes may vary, check with referee before each game and refer to Substitutions above
 Players not on your list cannot be put on your team (unless by agreement with match official)
 Please try to assemble your team 15 mins before kick off at designated pitch.
 Stay off the pitch during play and only shout encouragement.
 If you have any problems with parents or spectators, please contact a Pitch Marshall who will report to Tom Purcell/Mary Browne immediately.
 Rotate positions –Give players a chance in every position
 On the Final day check your panel against the original list and notify Mary Browne of any changes.
 On the Finals day, once games have finished, please bring your team up to Tom Purcell/Mary Browne at the Organisation Area for medal presentation.
Please note: We have tried to allocate team managers to every team. In the event of insufficient numbers we may require parents to fill in.

Teams and Tables
Fixtures and Results

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