A Chairde

It has been decided by the Club executive committee that ALL teams must appoint a nominated Website representative, who will be responsible for updating the website with regular news, results, photos & match reports for their particular team. This can be a mentor but preferably a parent (or player for Senior team).
Mentors can of course still post at will.

I require therefore to be advised of the Name, phone number and email adddress of each team’s nominee. All updates will be tracked to ensure that updates are regular and relevant. In the event of tardiness regarding updates, reminders will be sent to ‘encourage’ the interaction that the Executive believes is important to aid the growth of our club.

To give each team time to find and ask the nominee to contribute, you have until 28 February 2013 to advise of the nominees name etc. After that I will be forced to pester you on an increasing scale to achieve the necessary result.

Good hunting!


PS thank you to Dónall and the Senior team who have already set up a rota for reporting.