This match could only be described as Epic. The last 5 minutes was like the Ireland win over France last weekend. It was truly a brilliant game of Football with our lads coming from behind to win in a very intense end.

The lads got off to a good start with 2 points from Sean and Aaron before Tomas Davis rifled a goal to the back of the net after 5 mins. We then knew there was a battle ahead. Playing well with good movement of the ball we replied with 2 more points from Liam and Kevin. On 20mins another killer blow when Tomas Davis added a 2nd goal. Cormac made 2 fantastic diving saves to keep us in the game. The management then made a few tactical changes to tighten up defence and the 1st half finished with a point from each side with Jamie who controlled the mid field (with Kevin) getting our point. We were 2 points down on a score of 2.1 to our 0.5.

As the ref. blew his whistle for half time, the clouds opened and for 5 mins the rain and wind blew like a tornado. Our men returned to the pitch from their dressing room and for the next 30 mins put in a display of team football and commitment that you would happily pay to go see.

The 2nd half started well with a point from Jamie. Then on 5 minutes Thomas Davis scored a fantastic 3rd goal to go 4 points up. This was the last score of the match for the opposition. Our defence of Cormac, Steven, Alex, Aidan, Thomas, Liam, Jamie and Daniel under extreme pressure, closed up shop and fought like tigers to not give away another score.

The mids, forwards and supported by the half backs clawed back the 4 point deficit and to go 1 point up with 5/6 mins left. Sean, Jamie, Ciaran and Kevin getting scores with Liam and Conor providing the critical passes. The side line was nervous, the strong entourage of supporting parents were bitting their nails and their faces were etched with anxiety and excitement. With Thomas Davis pressing very hard for their winning score our warriors won a defensive ball and a passage of play from defensive all the way in to attack ensued, with brilliant passing and support play ended in Aidan putting the ball in the back of the net.

Great result for the team in what was a very enjoyable match.


2 Responses to the post:

  • John McCabe
    at 22:58

    A great win, and thanks to Paul for the report.

    • Eamon Hussey
      at 08:45

      This has to be one of our best wins in our 8 years of travelling the highways and byways of Dublin!, many will remember the darker days. But not any more, a pleasure to be involved with and to watch because all 15(we only had 15 players)stepped up to the mark and played as a team who were going to win, playing for each other with sheer determination.
      Thanks to Paul not only for the report but to his excellent coaching, advise,and team talks (the one at half time springs to mind!!)See you all on Monday in Stepaside.