As the boys gathered on Saturday morning for their game against St Killian Kevin’s, they knew that another good performance would see them extend their unbeaten streak in 2015 to four games – possibly a world record.  The weather was cooperating (staying above arctic temperatures for the first time in a long time) and so the lads took to the pitch with a bit of a swagger.

They quickly knew they were in a for a tough match when their mid-field opposition pushed our boys clean out of the way at the first throw up, and so it was not going to be an easy day at the office. Slowly our defence (Eoin Byrne, Jack, Dylan and Adam) got on top with some excellent marking and the closing down of space, and this allowed our fantastic mid-field four (the ‘diamond’ of Omar, Hugo, JD and Robbie) to start moving the ball around quickly and accurately. As the lads in the middle got more possession, they began to feed the forwards (Eoin, Charlie, Padriag and Liam), who took some time to find their range.

After a couple of early misses, the score board did start to tick over, and the boys resumed their normal playing style: pressing the mid-field, working hard on and off the ball, and always looking for the free man. Killian Kevin’s were in no mood to roll over, and their mid-field continued to battle and take their points – goals were not an option with Ben in nets.  But ultimately, as the bench was cleared (for the fourth time), the Ger’s pulled away to earn a hard earned victory.

While everyone was fantastic on the day, special praise this time around goes to Adam (the latest addition to the team – we’re delighted to have you with us), Eoin Healy who had his best ever game (again), Robbie (who was just back from illness) and Ben (our man-mountain in goal!). Now we have to find out if it is possible to do 5-in-a –row.