U10s vrs Lucan

2 Games were played vrs Lucan this weekend with great skill and teamwork being displayed by all involved. Our b team consisted of Aodhán Kennedy in goals, in front of him was Morris ter horst, Kevin Kavanagh and Adam Lyons. The Midfield pairing consisted of Max Maguire and David Hopkins leading the line was Colin Lydon Tom Gallagher and a lucan player. Playing with a strong wind behind us in the first half it was important to take advantage of this and yet again we started with our foot on the gas Max and Colin both scored goals and points to race into an early lead.Lucan tried to hit back but were met by Kevin,Adam and Morris who were in no mood to give them any easy chances, blocking shots, picking up and clearing any loose balls and passing their way out of trouble. David and Max were taking advantage of our defenders hard work going on marauding solo runs before taking some wonderful long range points as well as passing into the forwards who were linking up well and scoring at will. Lucan were not without their chances but they were pressured into taking long shots for most of the half and struggled to get close to the target. the few times they did Aodhán made some good saves and distributed the ball well both from play and fast kickouts starting many an attack with his accurate kicks. Lucan did score a couple of goals near the end to give their supporters something to cheer about.
Team talk at halftime was asking them to remember to kick the passes lower as the wind was against us and to continue to get their heads up in possession and to find their teammates. A few changes were made with Kevin going forward and Tom moving into defence, Aodhán went into midfield and Max played up front Morris went into goals and as our lead was so big lucan and ourselves they should take back their player and play him. Unsurprisingly playing against the wind and with 2 players less it was a more even half but credit to the lads they kept on creating chances with Lucan unable to stop Colins direct play he tagged on more points this half, Max and Kevin finding the back of the net . The hard work that the boys are doing in training is paying off with nice fielding and passing between them. a final switch saw Morris go to midfield Tom to goals and Aodhán slotted into defence with Kevin dropping back to help out. To a man they played well worked hard for each other , defended and attacked as a team. The defence core of Adam,Kevin,Morris,Tom and Aodhán were aggressive in the tackle and smart in their passing providing the midfield and forwards the opportunity to get scores which they obliged at will. thanks also to the parents who gave great vocal support from the sidelines.


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