10 Gers travelled to Naomh Olafs for a fine game of hurling,Olafs having 14 provided us with two players and we played a 12 aside game. Aodhán started in goals, defence was Morris,Conor,Kevin and an olafs player,midfield was luka,Shane and David H and the forwards were John,Johnnie,Harry and the other Olafs player. Scoring was hard to come by with both defences on top, our forwards had the better chances in the first half with our midfield supplying plenty of ball to them with our olafs forward getting the only score of the half latching on to a ball from David H to score a goal. Morris Kevin and Conor kept Aodhán quite in goals with only 1 save to make. Harry went into goals for the 2nd half and made a number of crucial saves as olafs came looking for the equalizer,Aodhan went into the forwards joined by Shane who switched with John.. We found the 2nd half harder to get the ball to the forwards and Olafs eventually got the goal to tie the game after our backs couldn’t clear the constant pressure. A final switch with morris going in goals, Aodhán going into defence, Harry back into the forwards and Shane/John switching back to their first half positions saw us winning a lot more of the ball in midfield. Luka was very unlucky to see a free just go wide when it looked like it might go over the bar. Everyone gave their all and tried to get the ball into hand at every chance, they tackled hard and their reading of the game is improving all the time, Kevins is outstanding always seeming to spot the danger and snuff it out. Shane executed a super hook, Luka getting ball into his hand and bursting past players and a textbook block by David H near the end of the game were the high lights.