Our first game since we dropped into a 2 team league offered us the luxury of having a few subs as 21 travelled to Palmerstown. 11 played for team A and 10 for the B. it was a nice change from having to rely on the other team for bodies to fill 3 teams, Thanks to Dan for team A report
Geraldines U10’s made it clear that Summer holidays were over on Saturday, with an outstanding performance in their first match of the Autumn against St Patrick’s Palmerstown. A high tempo passing game was the order of the day as every single player was focussed on ‘heads up’ football, selflessly seeking out their team mates when in possession which was a joy to watch. This passing game was coupled with strong fielding and tackling throughout the whole game which starved the competition of possession for much of the game. This high pressure tackling meant that there were few real scoring chances for St Patrick’s who broke down our defence only once in the first half, but credit to them they battled on and scored 1-3 by the end of the game. Special mention must be made of James Duffy’s mid field play during that first half during which he made 3 great blocks on St Patrick’s players. Geraldines on the other hand had already amassed a great variety of scores and a tally of 1-7 at half time.

Not content to settle for that lead, the Geraldines lads showed great ambition and appetite by continuing their attacking game throughout the second half and amassed a very impressive 3-15 by the final whistle. Scores were taken with right foot, left foot, hand passes over the bar, from close range, and from distance. There was also a great spread of scorers across the team. Another notable all round performance from a squad that is developing their football skills, and their sense of teamwork, at a great rate which augurs well for the future. The team was James Kearns, Oisin Daly, Tadhg Davis, Owen Twomey, James Duffy, Frankie Rowley, Harry Weir, Luka Kelly, Eoin Daly, Jack O’Brien, Max Maguire

Team B
What was written about team A could be copied and pasted for team B, right from the throw in they were up for it (in fact they all showed they were up for it during the warm up drills) working hard to gain possession and even harder to make sure we kept it they constantly passed their way through the opposition with slick hand passes and clever kicking. For most of this season they have taken aboard the whole team ethos to the game and today was no different, they ran, shadowed and tackled St Patricks, John set the tempo early on in the game and the whole team followed his example, it was without doubt his best game wearing the black and amber he worked hard winning possession and showed great strength breaking through tackles to start off attacks. It seems unfair to single out 1 individual as everyone played a huge part in the result. Half time saw us 1.07 – 0.00 up

For the second half it was more of the same a few switches around the pitch made no difference to the flow of the team, chances were created almost at will and any danger that St Patrick’s posed was quickly snuffed out. Near the end of the game some of the more defencive minded players were pushed up front and after some encouragement to shoot (they had been passing to teammates when in good shooting positions underlying the team ethos) they raised some flags. final score 5.12 – 0.00. A great way to start the autumn and pleasingly 5 of the players scored between them they scored from near, far out,great individual play and mostly from quick passing and great support play . The Team was Eoin Gibbons(1.00), Adam Lyons, Kevin Kavanagh(0.01), Aodhán Kennedy, Morris ter Horst, John o’Callaghan(0.02), Johnnie Donohoe, Shane Coyne(2.05), Colin Lydon(2.04) and Darragh o’Gorman


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    That is great to hear and well done to the management team also of the Under 10’s. Well done also on the report of the game as its great to spread the news.