u11s win the black and amber battle

Wearing their new jerseys for the first time, as it happens inside out, against St Brendans the lads played outstanding. Because of the mid term break numbers were down for both teams so we agreed to play with 1 team. We started off with 12vs12 and we had 4 subs in the first half and 3 in the second.
We got into a good groove early on quick short passes and making support runs was the order of the day and it didn’t take long for us to put scores on the board. It was the first time that we had played a game and been on grass since before Christmas so a certain amount of rustyness was to be expected but apart from a few hops going astray and missing some toe lifts they played to their potential from the start. James K started in goals with Alex and Aodhán going in at different times during the game. Tadhg,Max,James D and Owen G started off in defence and didn’t let St Brendans have much chance to get scores. Morris,John and Jack who were in midfield battled hard and supported defence and attack as it was needed. The Forwards were Luka, Eoin D, Harry and Cristian who dominated their areas and tagged on plenty of scores. Our starting Subs were Aodhán, Alex, Tom and Sean who came on in multitude of positions and slotted in well wherever they were. Everyone got plenty of time on the pitch with Tom R making sure everyone was subbed off and noone was on the line for too long. It’s hard not to be proud of them all for the effort they put in training and seeing it come to fruition during games, They play with their heads up looking for the right pass to make and they constantly make the right decisions with very few wayward shots or long passes when there is a better option available.
Thanks to the parents on the sideline who constantly encouraged the team.