The U12 boys turned up at St Brigit’s GAA for the third of our grading games having won the previous 2 games and having a chance to cement our place at the top of the table. But even in the warm-up the signs were ominous.  It had a funny feel to it: the coaches were concerned: it felt like the morning after the Late Late Toy Show.  There was no energy, no spark and even no banter.

Unfortunately it didn’t improve. The game was a litany of dropped balls, missed passes, poor shooting, absent marking and lots of walking around (lots and lots of walking around).  Maybe it was the ball; maybe the weather; maybe the pitch – but isn’t that the same for both sides?

The boys did establish a small lead at half time with a couple of well-timed goals against the wind and hung on through the second half, even though they were convincingly outplayed. When the ref (finally) blew it up, we heard a score line of 4-3 St Brigit’s GAA vs. 4-4 Geraldine’s.  Amazing.

With two more grading games to go, we hope we can revert to the performances we have seen of late, where the boys show determination, effort and a skill level to be proud of.