What a display! With all of our players back from injury or sickness or being away, it was fantastic to have a full squad there this evening (21 players, missing Hubie)… This was a game we had to win, and the team did that in style!

With a 9 point winning margin in the end, the Gers cruised to a great result, clocking up over 14 scores in what was a fast moving game on a big pitch. Our back line of Seamus in goals (later replaced by Cian D), Brian, Naoise and Cian C were awesome, with their best display of the year, with the Gers having found a new full back in Naoise, and Cian and Brian having their normal tenacious selves! I would rate this game as Brian’s best this year.

Our half back line were awesome, starting with Paul, Conor K and Eoin, all starting well, showing good positioning, pace and tackling as well as great hands under the high ball. Conor K’s tackling and block-downs broke Olaf’s heart and kept snuffing out their attacks. Later on Conor R moved into the half back line and had a great second half.

Midfield had a number of players throughout the match, with Byron back to his normal self showing great leadership. Both Conors stared there at various times, as well as Harry H. and Mathew F towards the end of the game. Strong running and linking up with the half backs and half forwards, building into some great moves and scores.

Our half forward line was lead by Mark O’L, who had a superb game, showing great ball winning ability, strength in the tackle and some lovey scores. Ruari was on the right, marking Olaf’s biggest man from the outset, and had a blinder, with some super purposeful runs resulting in many scores. Cian M and Conor B also did stints in the half forward line, both showing time and time again for passes, as well as working hard to contain the Olaf’s attacking backs.

Our full forward line had plenty of fine performances with Adam, Cian D and Max and showing very well, as well as Luke and Mathew B, who grew during the game with a fantastic point (that came down with snow on it, as per Shay!). Cian D and Max both got on a lot of ball this evening, with Cian D making some particularly good runs out to the wing to give options to the running midfielders. Seamus did a later stint up front and also scored a great point.

All in all a very satisifying night for all, with huge parental support on the sideline, which is fantastic to see. We are coming close to the end of the season, but are keeping the group together for the next few weeks and keep them training. We will also be trying to have a few matches to ensure we keep the panel together in preparation for the summer break.


Bryan, Dave, Ed and Shay