U12s have a tough day at the office vs Castleknock As

castleknock p8 castleknock p7castleknock p6castleknock p4castleknock p5castleknock p3Blame the coaches! Castleknock A team were good! Sometimes you just have to test yourself to see where things are at… Castleknock brought their best of three squads… and were excellent. Once they got on top we found it very hard to stay with their growing confidence.
Not to worry! with a full squad we would have run them a little closer, but remember they are picking the best from 70 players! So we won’t measure ourselves too harshly!
The big lesson from a day like that is that our work rate has to be much much better… we have some work to do to practice hard work rate from every player… I sense some chasing and running drills coming on!
But, we won’t worry too much – we have a great bunch of players and they will get better and better… See you all at training tomorrow night.
Bryan, Dave, Ed and Shay
Ps Thanks to Leonard for more fantastic photos… you’ll be using them at their 21sts!