Now, that was a Gaelic football match! It had it all, superb defending, hard tackling, excellent passing, hand and foot, and some fantastic moves and scores. It wasn’t easy either, with Round Towers (Clondalkin) showing real grit and determination to battle back to a final score of 4 9 to 4  6… With the Ger boys tiring under tremendous pressure against a much bigger team, missing a few players.

Seamus defended our goals bravely, and given their size advantage, really had to work hard on our kick outs. Or full back line were excellent and cool under pressure, with Conor B and Naoise on either side of Daniel… These three boys did very well, time and time again holding up their men and clearing the ball with accuracy. Later on, Oran stepped back into the full back line, and also starred, showing that he is developing into a fantastic Gaelic footballer. Conor Bs tenacity and block downs in the second half were also a feature.

Matthew anchored the middle at centre back, and although he took a couple of hard knocks he had another fine game, cool under pressure and reading the game very well. Brian h for me was the man of the first half, with outstanding ball winning and surging runs up the field… He took a few very heavy tackles later on that meant he had to come off… Eoin started on the other side of the half back line… Another man that gave his all for the team, marking an exceptionally strong footballer in the second half and again never giving up. Cian c, carrying a wrist injury bandaged up by nurse SK, came back into the half back line mid way through the second half to support his teammates and also showed tremendous bravery putting his body on the line.

conor k and Conor r lead us at midfield against very strong opposition… Huge bravery as usual… With both of them also on the scoreboard… Well done guys, and we hope Conor r is ok after a very hard knock on the head in the final minutes of the game.

up front we had loads of action! Hubie, Oran and Mark lead us out on the half forward line, with Oran later going back into the back line, playing very well. Mark and Hubie ran amoc all day, both racking up a few goals and also hitting the cross bar on no less than 3 occasions! Outstanding match boys!

Adam, started full forward against a very strong full back, working hard to get primary possession in a crowded square. Chris g had another blinder of a match with 2 great points from play, but most importantly Chris was constantly showing out front for ball, beating a number of different markers. Both max and Cian m both also battled in the corner, and both boys felt some hard shoulders and took a few knocks.

Paul was sitting this game out with a sore thumb, but thanks to Shays encouragement and support, came on half way through the first half at wing forward, making some great runs and passes not withstanding hard tackling and dragging from a tenacious defender. Alex also featured well in the game, both up front as well as midfield towards the end of the game. Great to see him competing well.

I will repeat it, what a game! We are very proud of the boys today, who missing a few lads, and a few more straight off the Wicklow hills from a birthday party(!!!) really dug in and worked exceptionally hard to pull this win out of the bag, against very hard tackling and physically stronger boys. That bravery will be built on and will be great for confidence.

Thanks to all the parents who supported us today… You should be very proud. Have a look at under 13 division 3… Top of the table this evening! Come on the Gers!