The Sun shone on a packed pitch in Cornelscourt on Saturday as our U16 team went on the win their Championship Shield Final against a very strong St. Catherine’s team. The final score was 2.18 to their 3.9.

After being so close in the last few years, this team were determined that they would come out on top this year. As men put on their new set of Jerseys, you could see the determination in their eyes and the fire in their belly, for what was to unfold over the next hour, on the field of play.

As the match progressed, infront of huge club support, every one realised that this was going to be a very tough match. The first half was  very tight. There was never more than a few points in it, with the Ger’s up two points at half time, on a score line of 2.7 to 2.5. The team play, and running on and off the ball was excellent. The 1st half can be told by two excellently worked goals, with our men playing the ball out of our defence, thru mid field into the hands of our attack on two separate occasions, at the end of the movement with David M and Kevin Q each burying the ball into the back of the opposition net.

Our men took on much needed water at half time and they took stock of the situation. The 2nd half can be described as one of the best displays of football that this team has played all season. The defence who have been like a Chinese Wall all season, closed down, tracked back, made excellent blocks to only let in 4 points for the full half. As a measure of the strength of this defence & their attitude ‘to not give an inch’, as St Catherine’s came looking for a goal our ‘big man’ at the back stood tall and their attack were not getting through, as they were awarded a penalty on the final whistle.

The mid field and attack picked off score after score in the 2nd half to put up 11 points. Each and every one of these scores were top class and finished with precision.

Well done men – Our 2016 U16 Championship C Winners

Team : Cormac McCabe, Cian Claffey, Conor Ring, Alex Tallon, Paul O’Connor, Thomas Ryan, Liam McCarthy, Jamie Blake Holmes (3pts), Liam Tyrrell (5pts), Chris Rolland, Kevin Quinn (1.1), Conor Keane (2pts), Ciarán Haverty (2pts), David Murray (1.5), Seán Hussey, Stephen Murphy, Conor Austin, Jamie Langan, Finn McGrath, Ronnie O’Connor, Cian Dunne, Daniel Murray.

U16's winning team