This bunch of really brave men put in a great display of football to come away from a wet and windy pitch against a strong Crokes team, with a well earned draw on a score line of 2.3 to our 1.6.

This was a game that was the total opposite to last weeks game, where we came from 7 points down at half time to win by a point. This week we finished the first half up 8 points on a score line of 0.1 to our 1.6. However, we failed to score in the 2nd half and under a lot of pressure, very tough defending and 2 excellent saves, we held out for the draw.

This game started very well for us. Conor Austin, Sean Hussey put over 2 lovely points from play and Conor Keane a point from a free. Crokes responded with a good team worked a point.

Kevin Quinn, Liam Tyrell And Jamie B Holms were doing great in mid field. There were some lovely team work and passing play. A high ball was sent in from the 45 line. It fell to Finn McGrath who dispatched it to the back of the net. Alex Tallan who was playing a sweeper role today covered a huge amount of ground from defence to their forward line. We closed out the 1st half with two more points from Conor Keane and one from Liam Tyrell.

At half time we were very happy with the performance and took to the pitch in the 2nd half with a degree of confidence. However, playing up the hill and into the wind, we met a different Crokes team. They put up 2 early points to leave us still 6 ahead. We were under a lot of pressure at the back with wave after wave of Crokes attacks. Cian Claffey, Conor Ring , Liam McCarty, Thomas Ryan and Jamie Langan held up everything, blocking their kicks and putting bodies on the line.

We were making good attacks ourselves with some great passing play but failed to take our chances. Then on one of these attacks with 15 minutes gone, they turned over our ball , played a long ball through mid field and being a little light at the back they took a good goal. Game on for them, with us only up by 1 goal and they went looking to win this game. The wind against us was a big factor.

They kept coming at us and we kept defending. Cormac saved a certain goal with a drive along the line to get his finger tips to push the ball wide of the upright. We only had 14 men a there were some very hard tackles on our lads a even with injuries our ‘bravehearts’ carried on. But with 5 minutes to go, Crokes got the equalising goal.

We defended the last 5 minutes well and actually started to come back at Crokes. We even had a few chances to get a winner. The ref called the end to an excellently fought game.

After a win and a draw we look forward now to next Saturday’s game.