**** U7s First Blitz ****


Venue:    St Olaf’s, Sandyford

Date:       8th June 2013.

Time :     10 a.m.



Team 1 Report

Geraldines players were divided into two core groups between myself and Mark Redmond while Tom Purcell performed the squads refereeing duties. Our group consisted of  Rian O’Neill, Mark Sheerin, Max Duggan and Sami Chorbachi assisted by Laura Sheerin and Sarah from St Olaf’s.


The first match exposed our stretched resources as we played St Olafs with one less player. Most of our players tried to be everywhere at once.. We settled down for the second half eventually and while scoring points we lost.


We changed our game in the second match and played some good football. Our teamwork, passing and completion was better and we won..


Our third match was demanding and our skills were tested but we managed a draw.Our passing and kicking were good and saved us. We were beginning to tire.


Stars of Erin insisted that we only played five players to match theirs for the forth match. They were bigger and more physical and easily beat us. Their passing and completion was good. They defended well against our attacks and pressured our guys into early inaccurate kicking at goal and bad passes, often needlessly giving the ball away.


The final match was a rushed affair. That said our guys were particularly tired after the last encounter and the previous three also. We were not that bad but were out-played and lost 4-1.


It was a fabulous morning’s work and overall excellent results for our first blitz. We experienced the difference in playing competitive opposition. We were able to practise our learned skills. We did a lot of good passing and kicking and we need to practise a lot more also. We need to keep our positions, pass more accurately and more often, kick more accurately and with more purpose. The team spirit was amazing and everyone played as hard as they could to the end. Well done everybody and thanks to Tom for organising our participation.


Team 2 Report


On a beautiful sunny day, the team of Andrew, Darragh, Jack, James, Luke and Sam took to the field against other clubs for the first time.  They played 3 teams from Olafs and 2 from Stars of Erin  and performed very well in each match.


The team rotated positions during the games and everyone had the opportunity to play in each position, from goalkeeper and defence to midfield and forward.  All players performed strongly whatever position they were asked to play in.  At the same time, some moments stand out as particularly memorable.


Andrew was constant threat to the opposition defences and scored a number of excellent points throughout . Similarly Sam took the game to the opposing teams with some lovely scores.  Jack and Luke were tigers with the ball, challenging opponents and popping up with occasional scores. Daragh and James each had some outstanding moments in defence, singlehandedly preventing opposing players from scoring with brave tackles and intercepts.


The record will show that the team won 2 matches, lost 1 and had 2 draws.  Of more importance, the boys really enjoyed themselves and gained valuable experience playing other teams.



Paul Sheerin & Mark Redmond