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The Hurling campaign continued with another away match, we travelled to Kimmage Manor to face Faugh’s, a hurling only club.

As our numbers have continued to strengthen, we had 23 players available from our 24 player squad, which creates a different challenge. So thanks to an early response to Teamer, we made contact with Faugh’s to arrange a 3 team set-up, as they also have strong numbers in their club.

Once the parents found the pitch(read the instructions!), we gathered up, completed our warm up’s and split into the 3 teams. Pat, Mark and Stephen took a team each, and Tom moved between the 3 games, to see  how our training skills were transferring to the pitch. All 3 teams performed very well, and each team played 3 matches. Faugh’s as a club, gave us a very warm and friendly welcome, and also gave us some good lessons in striking technique. Our players will continue to develop by playing more experienced teams, and when we meet them at home later in the year I will be expecting much tighter matches.

Well done to all, and thanks to all the parents for getting their kids out

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