Gers Girls under 9’s  football league game against Ranelagh Gaels Sunday 23/4/17

This was an early start  at 8.30 (at least on a Sunday it was) for the ground crew to mark the pitch out and set up the goals for our 10.00 match against our team today Ranelagh Gaels.

There was a worried look on Darren’s face when at at 9.25 only 5 girls were there but thankfully one by one you all turned up and so it was over to the coaches to warm up the girls and finally for Darren to kneel in amongst the team for their motivation chat and final kind instructions before throw in.

Right from the Start Geraldine’s were in form and scores quickly followed, Lorna and Haidi pointing a few and having a great game running from end to end to help the backs and then the forwards.

Willow and Louise played the best I’ve ever seen them play and up front Luisa kept tapping them over to keep us well ahead, this is a girl to watch for the future her determination was classical of what we want from our girls. Keep this up Luisa.

Our goal keeper Anna was superb too and saved us on a few occasions.Her kick outs were well thought out and were delivered to the sides and not down the middle like the opposition  expected.This is the sign of a great goalkeeper.

Grace had the game of her life leaving nothing to Ranelagh, and was rewarded with some nice scores, another girl that is improving quickly. Well done Grace.

On the other wing Gemma played her heart out and added nicely to our score on a few occasions.

Naomi at the back made some very brave tackles and kept them from scoring more than they did.

Thank you to Ranelagh Gaels for making this such a sporting game and good luck yourselves in the league, you have a great bunch of players on your team. 3 cheers.

Overall this was a game of two halves,the first half was great and the second was ever better.

Our girls are improving with each game and are a credit to our club the Gers……roll on our next game…

Great win today Girls we won well. 33 points to 16 Well fought for.

Sincere thanks to our manager Darren and our great coaches and wonderful supporters and here’s hoping there’ll be more days like that.

Well done to the under 8’s who won today also.



Report today is by Mr sideline!!